At Home with God
A journey in whole family discipleship
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Here you'll find accounts of discovering what it is to explore whole family discipleship together.
These posts are based on experiences in our own homes, in the day to day, and so we hope will give you insight into what it means to meet with God together as a family.
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When Becky was asked recently to consider publishing her At Home With God material, she didn't feel she had the time to commit to the project. Her children are now all grown up and married themselves, and she is a much sought after speaker, writer and spiritual director. So her time is tight.
 I (Claire), however, am right in the thick of parenting small people and looking for ways to lead them into whole family discipleship. So she very kindly (and with some relief I think!) passed the project on to me. And so I have decided to publish the material here, to use it with my own family, and to reflect on it as I do so.
I invite you to read Becky's intro for yourselves and to join me on the journey if you share her vision for helping your family live at home with God and be at home with God. I will publish the material seasonally as I use it, and occasionally you'll hear from a guest author or two.