At Home with God
A journey in whole family discipleship
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We would love for you to join in using At Home With God. Download the resources and give it a try.

Notice something is a bit off? Think our formatting needs some work?! Don't worry, we know these resources need some work and bringing up to date (they were born in the '90s after all).
Thanks for bearing with us, and keep checking back to see how we are doing with developing At Home With God.
You'll also notice illustrations and design that were from the original copy of AHWG - these were drawn by Lucy (aged 13) and Ben (aged 11)....both of who are now in their 30s with kids of their own!

    A few suggestions for when using these resources:
  • Start by reading 'An Introduction to At Home With God'
  • The original 'At Home With God' was A5 size for use-ability, if you want to print this then try printing two pages on a sheet
  • The material was originally written for use with a family six but is completely versatile; you can assign someone more than one 'voice' if you use material that refers to 'Voice 1 - 6' and there are fewer of you
  • 'YC' refers to 'Younger Child' and 'OC' refers to 'Older Child'
An Introduction to At Home With God
An Introduction to Advent Adventure
Easter Experience
Hallowtide (printable)
Hallowtide (with click-throughs)
Advent Adventure - Week 1 (with click-throughs)
Advent Adventure - Week 1 (printable)
Advent Adventure - Week 2 (with click-throughs)
Advent Adventure - Week 2 (printable)
Advent Adventure - Week 3 (with click-throughs)
Advent Adventure - Week 3 (printable)
Advent Adventure - Week 4 (printable)
Forever Home Celebration Day
12 Things to Pray For Your Kids
House Blessing